We have transformed the new Honda model, the Honda Fit Twist into a mixer. 
Commanding the project are DJ Zegon and Squeak E. Clean, leaders of the exciting N.A.S.A project. The song "Overdrive" was created from the experiment that has received a special participation of Derrick Green (MAXIMUM HEDRUM) on vocals. There was also a microsite to know about the project, download the music and let users create their own remixes of the song.
. The Webby Awards 2014 - Honoree (Integrated)
. Wave Festival 2013 - Bronze (Interactive Campaign)
. FIAP 2013 - Bronze (Beyond the Banner)
. FIAP 2013 - Silver (Direct Marketing)
. FIAP 2013 - Finalist (Interactive Campaign)
. CCSP 2013 - Finalist (Microsite)
. CCSP 2013 - Finalist (Promo)
. El Ojo de Iberoamérica 2013 (Interactive Campaign)
. El Ojo de Iberoamérica 2013 (Promo)
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