we've created a surfboard 80% manufactured from PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) plastic:
756 recycled plastic bottles were used in its production process.
In 2012, the brand became the first soft drink manufacturer to produce the first 100% recycled PET bottle in the Brazillian market, and following its success, Guaraná Antarctica wanted to expanded their vision from bottles, to surfboards.
The brand has a natural loyalty to surfing, as the existing sponsor of the 2014 WSL World Surfing Champion and renowned surfer Gabriel Medina, as well as other prominent Brazilian surfers. 
The campaign film ran online, promoting the initiative and raising awareness about the correct way to dispose of PET bottles, most commonly used for soft drinks, and the environmental importance of recycling.
Through a series of slow motion suequences played in rewind, we can see how recycling can help repair the damage that modern life has done to the world. The text within the film emphasises this message by telling us, “When you recyle, nature recycles.”
The Guaraná Antarctica surfboard was designed by renowned surfboard designer Neco Carbone and was used in the film by surfer Samuel Pupo. 

The 80% Plastic Bottle Surfboard

Launching Film

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